How to re-grow lettuce

A New Year Allegory

The past two years have been the most challenging most of us have ever lived through. However, not everything in 2021 was bad. Certainly, we all had moments, experiences and days that we cherished. Pretend those cherished events are leftover lettuce. If you save the stalk of a head of romaine lettuce and replant it in healthy soil, it will re-grow!

It’s a lesson in sustainability. Honestly, it’s easier than growing lettuce from seed, and it’s fast! I planted a weeks old romaine lettuce stalk, and within days, I had tender new leaves growing. I planted my leftover lettuce in an organic bed of soil that I created as an attempt to build a garden for vegetables that will grow in shade. My garden failed. Think of it as a symbol of my 2021 struggles.

Earlier in 2021, Tammy showed me a few posts about re-growing certain vegetables from leftovers. I tried it, and today, I start 2022 with something good from 2021. A single head of lettuce from last year. Look for those remnants in your 2021, and carry them into this year for re-growth and sustainable health and happiness.

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