A Happy Healthy You

Sunday Snarky Pie by the Hot Goddess

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Read a Book Not a Phone

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Too Many Vitamins Can Hurt You

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Workplace Empathy Improves Efficiency Gains

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Two Things to Combat Rising Food Costs

One thing for you, and one thing for your community. Create your own staples, and donate to food banks!

Ways to Calm Down When You’re Stressed

Over the past two years, the idea of sitting and meditating or breathing may seem impossible because the pandemic has trapped us in stationary situations. Here are a few tips that will get you moving without any expectations; except relaxing.

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You don’t have to be diagnosed with ADHD to experience restlessness. Here’s a better way to meditate to ease the discomfort in your body, and the restlessness in your mind.

Ease into Fitness So You Don’t Give Up

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Set fitness and health goals that are realistic. Here are some tips from health writers and fitness instructors that make it clear that anyone can get healthy without feeling defeated.

Reduce food waste, and regrow lettuce from the leftover stalk. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and the new leaves appear quickly.

10 Minute Chill
Here’s a 10 minute relaxation and meditation music video for focus and unwinding.